Denaby & Cadeby – Mitchell Main  127   Denaby & Cadeby 131 for 6 – Denaby’s Recovery.

June 1909

Star Green ‘un – Saturday 05 June 1909

Denaby’s Recovery.

Mitchell Main  127   Denaby & Cadeby 131 for 6

Denaby showed more of the form expected of them by defeating Mitchell Main by four wickets. It was a well deserved victory, Mitchell’s being for 127 and replying with 131 for six.

The chief features of the game were the batting of Smith (60 not out) and A. Robinson (24 not out) and the bowling G. L. Robinson (6 wkts) for the winners, who, strange to say, showed better advantage without Thompson, who, I am given to understand will be seen no more in Denaby cricket. The West Indian a good cricketer, but had to consider other things besides cricket.

The return to form of Smith and the brothers Robinson will be very popular out Denaby way, and the fact that Narroway, the brilliant stumper has doffed gloves to figure in the attack need not occasion surprise, as Narroway came to with good credentials as a bowler, and it was only through accident to Knowles, the one-time Denaby wicket-keeper that he blossomed into the regular man behind the sticks.

In the match at Mitchell’s Irving Washington, the ex-Yorkshire batsman, was top scorer for the home side with 26. The victory should do Denaby a world of good