Denaby & Cadeby – Mitchell Main  136  Denaby & Cadeby 137 for 6 – Champions Defeated

15 August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 August 1902

Mitchell Main  136  Denaby & Cadeby – 137 for 6

A pleasant surmise to Denaby people is the way in which the Denaby first team has come of their shell of late. Of their last four matches they have played three away, and taken all the points, and their greatest victory was the best performance they have done for two years. The majority of us at Denaby never expected they would be the champions on their own ground after the display they made on the occasion of Mitchell Main men’s visit to Denaby earlier in the season. On that occasion they scored only fifty-odd runs, and at the time mentioned it was one of their off days, as Denaby are generally good for a hundred or close on.

On Saturday Mitchell Main scored 136 before they were all out. Luther Robinson doing damage with the ball, and Mitchell Main people undoubtedly thought their favourites were safe, when Stott was out with few runs scored. However, on Arthur Robinson and brother Walt becoming Association they put a different aspect on things, and when brother Luther ordered a further stand, Mitchell’s supporters began to feel uncomfortable. Moore hopped in with further valuable assistance, and in the end Denaby won handsomely with four wickets to fall.

Will they repeat this performance at Mexborough?

There are several circumstances which make the of Denaby over Mitchell Main more creditable than it appears to be on the surface. In the first place, it the first reverse of the Mitchell Main team in the Mexborough League; in the second the defeated side and a good XI including Washington, the County left-hander ; and in the third place, Mitchell Main were at home on a ground on which the reputations of many visiting clubs have been buried.

  1. Jagger’s 50 not was well in keeping with the sterling character of his play since he joined the Main team and before. On the home side, Washington was the next scorer 35, the style in which be got the runs being an especial treat to Mitchel Main spectators, who have missed him very this when he has been playing with the County.

Nearly the Denaby men who batted did well. The bowlers were tried on the Mitchell Main side, but the changes did not have the affect of saving the match. J. Senior bowled no less than an 18 overs, and took three wickets for 40 runs. Washington bowled two avers and took one wicket, caught by himself. for 10 runs, and T. Lee had one for 22. The unsuccessful bowlers were A. Jagger, seven overs, 21 runs and E Russell, four over 16 runs.

The only unbeaten team in the Mexborough League is now Hickleton.