Denaby & Cadeby – Mitchell Main 81 Denaby 142

May 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 20, 1905

Good Innings by Percy Bury

Mitchell Main 81 Denaby and Cadeby 142

These teams met on Saturday on the Mitchells ground, before a fair attendance. It was their ninth meeting since Denaby entered the league in 1901, and Saturday’s result put the visitors further= ahead in the record between both clubs. It reading now: Mitchell Main won 2, three drawn, Denaby won 4.

Denaby started the batting on Saturday, A Robinson and P Knowles facing the bowling of Hoskisson and Senior. Robinson was quickly out LBW when only two had been scored; and A Smith, who joined Knowles, soon went back again after adding one. With Luther Robinson in runs came a little freer. Knowles fell to a smart catch of Russell’s. Narrowway only stayed while five was added, score reading 4 wickets for 18 runs, a not too promising start.

A change overcame the game when Percy Bury came in. Remembering his last year’s effort on the same ground when he put up 61, he sought is scoring in such a way that the Mitchell lights were soon prophesied he would top that score, and not to despise them, Percy did so, but to that later. Luther Robinson and Bury appeared set, and were both playing excellent cricket. They had carried the score to 55, when Luther was dismissed LBW after having contributed just half the score, 28. W Smith partnered Bury, and runs came merrily. Smith play cautiously, but when he did it he got them out to the boundary. Whilst he was in the scores brought up to 96, Smith share been 20, made up of four fours, one 3 and a single. A Mitchell with a carefully played nine, assisted Bury to put on 31 for the seventh wicket before White caught him off Needham. Butler did not stay long, succumbing to Hargreaves who, with his fifth ball, got rid of Bury who left with a well played 67 to his credit.

George Hardy was soon disposed of, Seabury carried out his bat. Of the Mitchell bowlers Hargreaves who came on late, only bowled 2 overs, 1 maiden, 1 run and 2 wickets. Hoskisson took four wickets at a cost of nine runs per wicket..

Mitchell started well, but could not manage to keep it up. Lee and white started falling, L Robinson and Hardy trundling. They could not do much of the last named, but they punished Luther Robinson rather severely. A Robinson and A Smith went on as a change, and the first succeeded in getting rid of white. A Smith assisting by catching him.

Mitchell’s were all out for 81, the Denaby bowling will be pleasant reading for their supporters.

A Robinson took five wickets at a cost of 3.4 each. Hardy two at a cost of 4.5 reach, and A Smith three costing seven each.