Denaby & Cadeby – Swinton 111 Denaby 152 – Denaby Lay their Bogey

August 1946

South Yorkshire Times August 10, 1946

Denaby Lay their Bogey

Swinton 111    Denaby 152

There was more jubilation in Denaby’s ranks victory over Swinton even than the 41 runs margin would suggest, for they had laid their “bogey” at last – and in an away match.

They owed it to smart Fielding, backing up the consistently good slow bowling of K Bacon and H Newton, which reduced Swinton who were without their captain, WB Broadhead, to inefficacy after a firm start, and a valuable half-century by F Roberts, in dour keeping with the tone of the struggle.

Howson, who with Robert opened determinedly for Denaby, had hooked Moore to the boundary for the second occasion when he was sent back for 10, well caught by Badger. Squires delighted by the way he teased Bacon with every ball of his first over (stumper Parker had his bails off three times) and then with his last delivery bowled him neck and crop for nine. All seemed set for a regular fall of wickets, but Hawke stayed with Robertson until the board read 77, contributing 26, and G Shepherd (15) lifted the total to 114 for 4.

Then bowlers A Broadhead and G Ennis began to reap their rewards, both going near to hat-trick and sending six wickets tumbling for 38. Roberts had four fours in his 54. Ennis returned four for 23 and Broadhead four for 59.

The bowling of Turner and Bullard was made to appear very mediocre by H Parkin and G Barnett who carried Swinton to 51. Bacon and Newton were a different proposition. When the board reached 63 they had four back in the pavilion. Hopes of forcing a draw faded completely as the eighth and ninth wicket fell at 108. Smart all round fielding by the visitors was topped by slip catches, nicely taken by Bacon and Hawke. Main bowlers were: Bacon 4 for 35, Newton three for 20 and Bullard two for 28.