Denaby & Cadeby – Swinton 126 Denaby 97 – Guest upsets Denaby hopes

July 1945

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 28, 1945

Guest upsets Denaby hopes

Swinton 126 Denaby 97

Denaby’s hopes to avenge their recent home defeat by Swinton was shattered when Swinton (126) put them all out for 97 on Saturday. W. B. Broadhead (58) and H. Fenton (0) opened Swinton’s battling and Fenton was soon caught by Hawke off Newton. G. Barnett hit 18 before Allan stumped him off Wardle while H. Parkin (16) was bowled by Robinson. R. Guest (15) was bowled by Robinson. There was little further opposition to Denaby attack, but Broadhead’s innings a real captain’s share made the total respectful if not imposing

Howson and F. Roberts opened well for Denaby, Howson hitting three quick fours. Guest ultimately got rid of him for 16 also taking F. Roberts wicket for 14. C. Vickers (7) soon was on his way back to the pavilion, caught by Godfrey off Broadhead. To be followed a few minutes later by Wardle (5), lbw to Guest. Hawke added 10 before being bowled by Guest and J. Wright (14) looked like doing something but also fell to Guest W. Holland (22 not out) improved the position, but after being partnered by H. Newton G. Porter and J. Allen all of whom were out for none could not improve on his 22.

For Swinton Guest undoubtedly did much to bring about Denaby’s downfall, taking 6 for 31. With seven maiden overs out of 15 while Broadhead took 2 for 38 and Coxon 2 for 28. J. Wardle was not devastating having to be content with taking 4 for 30 for Denaby while D. Porter and E. Robertson took 2 for 24 and 2 for 47.