Denaby & Cadeby – Swinton 55  Denaby 99 – A Denaby Double

6 August 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 06 August 1910

Swinton 55  Denaby 99

Denaby did the double on Swinton on Monday, Swinton being put to confusion before a big Bank Holiday gathering of their own spectators.

A week or two ago at Denaby there were tumbled out for 44; on Monday they improve 20% and were got out for 55.

At Denaby G.L.Robinson and Hoften did the damage; at Swinton, it was the brothers Robinson, Denaby managing remarkably well without the fast bowler.

There was only one exciting stage of the game on Monday – it seemed possible that Swinton would get Denaby down to less than 55, when Taylor, Smith, Esland and GL Robinson went in rapid succession. But the Denaby team is a batting team right through, and though Fred Turner bowled splendidly, it was all to no purpose.

GL Robinson got his “pair” against Swinton; Esland his highest score (eight) against them, and P.C. Bury highest score of the season.. Denaby got the highest score of any visitor on the Swinton ground this season. Only once a three figures been reached, and that was by Swinton last Saturday.