Denaby Case in Divisional Court.

June 1922

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 24 June 1922

Denaby Case in Divisional Court.

In the Divisional Court yesterday, Mr. Joy moved for an order nisi for certiorari to bring up and quash the conviction by the justices at Seamer North Riding, of two men named Midgley.

He said the father of the Midgleys, a bank manager at Denaby, bought a house and land at Seamer from another gentleman. The prosecutor Harrison was the tenant of the property and was under notice to quit expiring in April. He was asked to go out but took a rather obstructive view of his rights.

On May 4 there was a small battle royal. The tenant refused to go out and endeavoured to prevent the two Midgleys from going to work on the land. The tenant and his wife were assaulted and they summoned the two Midgleys. When the matter came up later the justices convicted, and fined the two Midgleys.

He submitted that the justices’ jurisdiction was ousted, as the affray arose over a dispute regarding possession of land. The Court granted the application.