Denaby Child Scalded

January 1964

South Yorkshire Times, January 25.

Denaby Child is Scalded.

A Denaby father of six, ran half a mile from his home in the centre of the village to Fullerton hospital, carrying his youngest son, who had been badly scalded by boiling water.

The accident happened last Thursday while Mr Towlerton’s wife, Winifred, was using the washing machine in the kitchen of their home in Strafforth Terrace, Denaby May, watched by the couples 18 months old son, Shaun.

Mrs Towlerton was filling the machine with near boiling water, and had sent Shaun out of the kitchen into the living room. The child slipped backin andreached for the hot water pipe to the machine, which poured hot water over his face and head.

Mrs Towlerton said, “He had been sent back into the living room, where his father was sitting, but somehow he slipped away. He was able to open the kitchen door, which could not be closed because of the Flex leading to the machine.”

It took Mr Towlerton about 4 minutes toreach the hospital with his son, who was later transferred to Mexborough Montagu hospital for treatment for scalds on the side of his face.

He was said on Wednesday to be “quite comfortable.”

Mrs Towlerton added, “I’m always so careful, we have never had anything at all happen to any of our five other children.”