Denaby Child’s Death

May 1915

Mexborough & |Swinton Times, May 1, 1915

Denaby Child’s death

An inquest was conducted by Mr F. Alan at the Montagu hospital, Mexborough, on Friday afternoon, into the circumstances surrounding the death of Frederick Armstrong, age 4 years, son of Thomas Armstrong, 56, Adwick Road, Denaby.

Mrs Armstrong, who said that her husband, Thomas Armstrong, formerly a miner, was a private of the eighth York and Lancaster Regiment, gave evidence of identification.

On Thursday afternoon, about a 4:15, witness sent the deceased to see what time it was at a neighbouring shop, and the deceased was accompanied by a little girl, Mary Ashton, age 6 years. Witness never saw deceased again. When little girl came back about six o’clock, and said “Teddy was in the canal, ” witness at once proceeded to the canal, and the girl showed the place.

Mary Elizabeth Rushton said they went down to the canal bank. She said he was rolling on the bank and playing for fun, when he rolled too far into the water. She went home to tell his mother. She did not go straight back. She was frightened.

The coroner: did he ever come up again after he went into the water? – Yes.

How long was it before he went away altogether? – Not long.

It was explained that the bank at this point near the bridge was somewhat steep.

Mr Roper, carter, Church Street, Mexborough, said he was sent for about 6.30, and he went to the canal and got a boat book. He recover the body about seven o’clock. The child was quite dead.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.