Denaby Colliery Proprietors Sued.

March 1908

Sheffield Independent – Monday 16 March 1908

Denaby Colliery Proprietors Sued.

Saturday, the Doncaster West Riding Court, the above-named company was summoned by Arthur Kidney and Aubrey Eli Kidney, under the Employers’ and Workmen’s Compensation Act.

Mr Andrews appeared for the complainants and Gichard (Rotherham) defended.

Anthony Kidney claimed £4. 4s. 6d.. a fortnight’s money, be alleging that he had been wrongfully dismissed. His agreement was a fortnight’s notice on either side.

The defence was that the company were fully justified in dismissing him. ns ho failed to discharge the duties required of him by his superiors. The case was dismissed.

In the case of Eli, it was alleged that he asked for a shift to the Cadeby Colliery, owing so his father’s dismissal, but the official refused and gave him notice.

The story of the defence was that complainant was not discharged, and this case was also dismissed.