Denaby Couple Hurt in Car Crash

January 1955

South Yorkshire Times Jan 1

For Mr and Mrs R Walsh of Wadworth Street, Denaby main, Christmas was not such a happy affair as it was for other folk.

Their celebrations where spoiled by a car crash. Mr and Mrs Walsh has been visiting Mr Walsh’s brother in law car and Walsh’s parents in Blackburn over the Christmas weekend when they were involved in a collision They  went over a crossing and a corporation bus coming along the adjacent road crashed into the side of the car which slewed round on the wet road and came to rest with one side smashed in against the traffic light.

Mrs Walsh was knocked unconscious and Mr Walsh with blood streaming down his face from cuts on his forehead had to get help to lift her out of the car. Mrs Walsh’s brother Mr Edward smith was unhurt.

After a visit to Blackburn infirmary where Mr Walsh had the cuts from his head stitched Mrs Walsh was found to be suffering from concussion and shock they were allowed then to go to the home of Mr Walsh’s parent where luckily they had left their children before setting of on the trip.