Denaby Cricket, Tennis, and Bowling Club Ball

January 1920

Mexborough Times, January 3rd, 1920

That very enjoyable social feature, the Denaby Cricket, Tennis, and Bowling Club Ball, was resumed this season. After a considerable lapse,it was held in the Large Hall on Wednesday night, and was a great success.

No invitations, beyond a general one, were issued this year, and about 200 people attended. The Hall and the improvised supper rooms were cheerfully and seasonably decorated, the music, by Mr SoarĀ“s band was excellent, and all the arrangements were efficiently carried out by an experienced committee representing the three sections of the club.

“Dress” was optional, and only a few ladies came in fancy dress, for which prizes were given. The standard of dress was quite up to the excellent traditions of this happy gathering. The Masters of Ceremonies were Mr H.C.Harrison, Mr A.Robinson, Mr W.Narroway, Mr F. Payne, Mr W Widdowson, and Mr R.Whitlam. Mr G.L.Robinson proves, as usual, a capable and hard-working secretary.

A very Merry company danced the New Year in and the programme lasted until four o’clock. The Club received many valuable gifts of provisions, for which the donors are hereby heartily thanked, and the supper was, as usual, a highly enjoyable feature of the whole event.