Denaby & Cadeby – Rotherham dnb Denaby 63 for 6 – Rain !

May 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times 6th May 1905


Rotherham v Denaby

There ought to have been a very good match at Rotherham on Saturday, instead of which there was only a bitter disappointment. It rained, and such play as was possible was intermingled with occasional interludes of rain. It was raining when the match should have started and when it ceased raining it left the pitch so thoroughly sodden that the umpires and captains, after inspecting it decided that play was not as present possible. Then, before the ground had chance to dry a bit it rained again.

When it ceased once more the ground was again examined, and this time, evidently regarding it as hopeless to expect any improvement, a start was decided upon.

Denaby had won the toss and opened with A. Robinson and Stott to the bowling of Ramsbottom and Green. Needless to say sawdust was greatly in requisition and enough was planted at either end to rear a forest.

The cricket was certainly not exciting, for the bowlers were in difficulties from the outset, and the batsmen were never comfortable. The Rotherham fielding was however smarter than one would have thought possible with a greasy ball. Robinson and Stott took the total to 10, when Green clean bowled the Denaby wicket keeper, letting in A. Mitchell, but before the new partnership could be cemented the rain again drove in the field. Another 20 minutes of dismal waiting followed before a break in the rain allowed the game to be resumed. Five runs were added when a smart return by Platts caused Robinson to be run out and Luther Robinson joined Mitchell. This pair played with a fair amount of confidence, the youngster in particular making some fine strokes on the off. They just doubled the score when Platts took Green off and went on himself. The change worked for the `little one´ at 34 sent back Luther letting in Percy Bury, who lashed out at the Rotherham captain´s bowling very smartly. But with five added Platts bowled Mitchell and Narroway came in.

He came out almost immediately with the rest of the players, for the rain interfered again. Another wait of a quarter of an hour was necessary, and when a restart was possible the two batsmen, hitting with some freedom, carried the score to 53., when Narroway was bowled by Platts.´Crik’ Smith was Bury´s next partner, and the pair had added a further half-score when Ramsbottom got Bury leg before wicket. The rain began to weep for Bury´s misfortune and it wept so continually it was now decided to abandon the match.


A.Robinson run out 9

J.Stott bowled Green 2

A.Mitchell bowled Platts 12

L.Robinson bowled Platts 8

P.Bury lbw Ramsbottom 11

W.Narroway bowled Platts 7

W.Smith not out 7

Extras 7

Total (6 wkts) 63