Denaby Cricketers Successful Tour – An Account of their Doings

2 July 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 02 July 1910

Denaby Cricketers Successful Week at Scarborough

Only Lose One Match Out Of Four.

An Account of their Doings

On Saturday week, after big victory in the Mexborough and District Cricket league, the Denaby cricketers took it into their heads that a week by the seaside will do them all the good in the world. So they picked up their traps and away they went to Scarborough, the only members of the regular team left behind in Denaby being “Nance” Taylor, Bromfield and P Bury. It was pretty late when they got to Scarborough, but they had a very good journey and some of the time seemed to fly by.

They lost a man somewhere on the road, but he turned up some time on Sunday morning an hour or two too early, for the Denby men to get a Sunday paper, in which they fully expected to see an account of some serious mishap to the missing one.

The party had a top storey in a hotel consigned to them, but we must pass over the stories we hear of pranks played on the top landing.

On Sunday, after a refreshing walk, they drove in landau’s to Forge Valley. It was a beautiful day, and our friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They made their presence somewhat felt in that neighbourhood, we are told, and folks they are still talking of Denaby

On the Sunday the team had their first match of the tour; they were nor in the best of form for cricket, as they had not been “training” in the most approved style to four t the preceding couple of days but they licked to pieces on their own ground the 11 representatives of a team called Ganton. It was a beautiful little ground and the score book records very little else of the match bat ones and fours on both sides. We gave the scores in full last week. G. L. Robinson struck terror into the village batsmen. getting his seven wickets for 38 runs, while E. Peate got two wickets for 17 runs.this

The Denaby men, it will be remembered batted well on the whole. After the match the team was entertained to a “glorious” tea, and they were then in the right sort of humour to enjoy the beauties of the charming village. They enjoyed their opening match immensely.

That evening the cricketers patronises the various amusements of Scarborough, and next day they face the Scarborough team, when they found themselves, for the only time of the tour, put to it. They lost the match by seven runs, and for their defeat they have only themselves to blame. Their fielding was very bad (as good as could be expected, seeing they were on holiday), and they missed some excellent chances this way, otherwise they would have had Scarborough out for 100.

For the first 50 runs (batting after Scarborough, they got 138 runs) the Denaby men, owing to the size of the ground, were completely at sea – and they didn’t quite like to be beside it for the time being. Two Denaby men were out and of their 138 Leslie Hoften claim 37, he and C Bury putting on 40 between them.

Hoften and Peate bowled exceedingly well in the match. Hoften getting five wickets for 30 runs, while the other man had five for 70. Peate’s analysis would have been better but for the three bad misses in the field.

The Robinsons were entirely off form as bowlers in this match, but Narroway, as wicket-keeper, was extra. The sea air must have had its effect. Anyway, he stumped four Scarborough men and caught two. Scarborough cricketers were quite taken up with their visitors, of whom whose cricket abilities they have a very high opinion, and it is understood they would like to have a two-day match next year with the men from Denaby.

Wednesday was an “off” day with the Tories, who had a game of football on the beach and a fishing expedition just to kill time. One side of the breakfast table played the other side of football, and the site contain the “stars” often headland and Butler went under. The sea was very mild for the fishing and it is recorded that some of the Denaby men made catches ; others fed the fishes

On Thursday the team went to Bridlington, and the result of this match – a draw – will be found elsewhere in these pages. It was a pretty ground, but a treacherous wicket, and the Denaby men confessed to being “all dead asleep” while the game was on. Anyway, some of them, put up fairly decent scores. The Bridlington batting on the whole was extremely dull, and it took them two hours to it up their 90!

On Friday at dead – alive Filey, the Denaby team encountered an eleven far from being their equal, as the scores will tell you. Filey were all out for 62, but the Denby men say they could have put Mexborough and District league opponents out for half that score on the same wicket. If you of the Denaby Main batted, but they gave over at 92, when the rain was coming down rather strong.

This is a concluding match of the tour, and some of the visitors returned to Denaby after it was over. The main return at various times on Saturday. They have had a delightful experience, and are looking forward with pleasurable feelings to their next tour. They are having a “rest” this week, and intend been in good form for tomorrow’s match.

The party has some lively experiences while they were away. In the small hours of one morning some of them thought the flowers on the veranda of the hotel wanted watering. The water jugs were requisitioned and the job was done. A minute later the landlord popped up stairs to complain that he got a jug of water on his head. The Denaby men referring to room number nine for an explanation. Thither their host went and astonished the sleeping inmates by some rather strong language. The gardeners, of course, are sorry for the old gentleman’s mishap, but they say the top of his head should not be the same colour as the daisies.

The barber’s mother across the road from the hotel told a member of the team (she can’t tell why she told him) that she had had six hours sleep all the week they had been there. Compared with their experiences they say that woman is lucky!


Ganton 88                                           Denaby & Cadeby  274

Scarborough  145                             Denaby & Cadeby  138

Filey   62                                               Denaby  & Cadeby  92 for 4

Bridlington 90 for 8                          Denaby & Cadeby  166