Denaby & Cadeby – Darfield 17  Denaby 83 Denaby’s Decisive Victory

7 September 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 07 September 1912

Darfield 17  Denaby 83

Denaby’s Decisive Victory

Darfield were dismissed for their lowest score of the season on Saturday, when they play their last home match, against Denaby, who got rid of them for the small score of 17.

Darfield were only weakly represented, being without Needham, Hanwell and Noble, their place had been taken by Northcliffe, Hutchinson and Bletcher.

Denaby took first knock, E Hammond and J Esland opening the innings against the bowling of A Carr and H Hutchinson. The visitors made a disastrous start, for with only eight runs on the board, Denaby lost J. Hesland bowled in A Carr’s second over. A Robinson followed and quickly punished A Carr to the boundary, but the second wicket fell at 16, Hammond having only scored a couple of singles when he was bowled by Hutchinson. The brothers Robinson now became associated, and the score was taken to 48 before the fall of the third wicket, G.L. Robinson having contributed 24 before being bowled by Wormald. A Robinson had a long stay for 14, when he had his stumps disturbed by Wormald. HW Smith scored a well played 12. Broadbent fell for 3 with the score at 79. The remaining batsmen were quickly disposed of, the whole side being dismissed for 83.

Lawton and Tomlinson opening for Darfield, the latter immediately driving G.L. Robinson for four. With only six runs registered, Thomas was caught by Hammond off A. Robinson. A Spencer followed but after adding two was easily taken at point by Bury. A Carr,  who had only scored a single was beaten by a ball from A Robinson. The next seven wickets fell for two runs, the whole side been dismissed 17, out of which a Spencer helped himself to 7.

The brothers Robinson bowled five overs each, A Robinson had the splendid figures of six wickets for 8 runs, whilst G.L.Robinson captured for four for 8.

For Darfield, Wormald took five wickets for 21 runs, and F Tomlinson two for 7.