Denaby Fireman Homeless – Threat to Sleep in Street

August 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 11, 1939

Denaby Fireman Homeless
Threat to Sleep in Street

With two months of grace almost gone and still no home for his wife and two children, a 53-year-old Denaby ex-Serviceman, Mr. Harry Smith, of 3. George Street intends to sleep in the open street a protest to-morrow night if by that time Conisborough Urban Council have not succeeded in finding him a home.

Smith a member of Denaby Fire Brigade for the past five years, said to-day: “To-morrow night I shall bring a couch into the open street and I shall sleep on in mv fireman’s uniform as a protest against a township which cannot provide a home for one of its servants while strangers are accommodated every day of the week.”

Smith has been ordered to vacate his home by to-morrow. He was given month by the Judge at Doncaster County Court in which to find another home.

He told me to-day: I cannot find house in the township, although I have made 22 visits to the Council offices and approached every one of the councillors, except one, a relation.

I have been unable to rent a house in the whole place. In my position of fireman I shall, if there is a fire, have to hop over to a friend’s house to change my clothes before I can set off. I am quite aware they take the names of tenants from a waiting list in rotation, but one would think that a man who has lived in the township 53 years, and is fireman into the bargain, would be able to get a house.”

I was informed the Council Offices to-day that there are no Council houses to let the moment. Mr. Smith first made application for a house on March 29 last.