Denaby Gala Results

July 1965

South Yorkshire Times 24th July 1965

Denaby Gala Results

The open championship trophies at Conisbrough Northcliffe County High School annual swimming gala and open championships, at Denaby Baths on Tuesday, were claimed almost exclusively by two of the competitors – Margaret Henshaw and Glynn Collins.

Margaret, a pupil of Notre Dame High School, Sheffield, won two out of three of the girls’ events (breast stroke and free style) and Glynn, a Northcliffe pupil, took three out of the four boys’ prizes when he won the breast stroke, freestyle and butterfly. Margaret also came second in the remaining girls’ championship event, the backstroke, which was won by Delia Fitton, of Doncaster Convent School.

The boys’ championship backstroke was won by James Blackmore, also a Northcliffe pupil.

The winning house on the Northcliffe side of the gala was Lister, with 65 points. Second was Marlborough (49 points), third Cromwell (47 points) fourth, Faraday and Wesley (45 points), sixth Nelson (36 points), seventh Shakespeare (34 points), and eighth Blake (27 points).

The trophies were presented by County Coun. J . Prendergast, Chairman of Conisbrough Urban Council.



Boys’ open championship breast stroke: 1. Glynn Collins (Northcliffe), 2. Richard Watson (Northcliffe), 3. Gerald Allen (Northcliffe).

Boys’ championship backstroke: 1. James Blackmore (Northcliffe), 2. Anthony Dawson (Northcliffe), 3. Keith Ward (Northcliffe).

Boys’ championship freestyle: 1.Glynn Collins (Northcliffe), 2. William Light (Balby Street School), 3. Terence Humphries (Northcliffe).

Boys’ championship butterfly: 1. Glynn Collins (Northcliffe), 2. Terence Humphries (Northcliffe), 3. Gary Pearson (Northcliffe).

Girls’ open championship breast stroke: 1.Margaret Henshaw (Notre Dame High School), 2. Delia Fitton (Doncaster Convent School), 3. Lynne Beasley (Northcliffe).

Girls’ championship free-style: 1. Margaret Henshaw (Notre Dame), 2. Delia Fitton (Doncaster Convent), 3.Carol Cutts (Northcliffe).