Denaby Golden wedding

May 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 14, 1937

Denaby Golden wedding

Mr and Mrs JT Stones, of 85 Balby St, Denaby Main, will celebrate their golden wedding on Sunday.

They were married at Leeds Parish Church on Whit Sunday, 1887. They have three sons and two daughters living and 10 grandchildren.

Mrs Stones was born at Morley, near Leeds and worked as a weaver in the cloth Mills. Mr Stones was born at Ranskill, near Bawtry, being the son of the foreman railway platemaker.

He started work at eight years of age dressing ironstone, spending four days at the ironstone mines, and two days at school. His pay was 8d per day. At the age of 11 he went down the coal mines travelling for 1s per day.

In 1998 he came to Denaby Main to work at Cadeby Colliery and became a deputy, a post he fulfilled for 31 years. After completing 33 years at Cadeby Colliery he retired and became the steward of the Colliery Officials Club.

Mr Stones is well known as a breeder and exhibitor of Fox Terriers. During this showing career he won the Doncaster Woodford Readers Challenge Cup twice, the Doncaster hamburg Wallace rosebowl for the best of all breeds, the Mexborough breeders Challenge Cup twice, Wath and West Melton breeders Challenge Cup, the Parkgate breeder’s Challenge Cup, together with other minor successes. He still carries on this hobby in a small way.

Mr and Mrs Stones were married in the Golden Jubilee year of Queen Victoria’s reign and now they are to celebrate their golden wedding during the Coronation week of King George VI.