Denaby Heroes. Splendid War Record.

November 1918

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 30, 1918

Denaby Heroes. Splendid War Record.

On Friday evening, in the Picture Hail, Denaby Main, gold watches and illuminated addresses were presented to:

Sgt. Ben Ben Thompson, Coldstream Guards, Doncaster road, Denaby Main, who has been awarded the Croix de Guerre, and

Pte. Lewis Stones, R.A.M.C., 4, Wheatley street, Denaby Main, who has  been awarded the Military Medal.

The presentations were made by Mr. W. H. Chambers ond Mr. H.W.Smith, manager of the Denaby mine (where the men were previously employed), presided; Mr. W. B. Worsley (secretary .of the Denaby and Cadeby Heroes Fund), and Mr. Davies (president of’ the Denaby Main branch, Y.M.A.also attended.

Both men have splendid war records. Sgt. Thompson was a Reservist, and was drafted to France in the early days of -the’ war. Be saw two and a half-years’ service with his regiment, after which he was attached to the London 70th tunnelling Company reserve.. In addition to the Croix de Guerre he was presented with the Black Cross of France to men in memory of his comrades who fell assisting in the rescue work which won for Thompson is distinction

The illuminated address contained the following passage:

“When gas was sent by the enemy into the Fosse 8 of Bethune, Auchy-les’La Basse, in France, you were particularly distinguishing your courage and disregard of danger.

Blinded and suffering from the effects of the cast you succeeded in recovering some of the bodies of the victims and in blocking the way of the Fosse 8. You displayed ingenuity and resource combined with great bravery, determination, perseverance, and endurance in dealing with the most difficult and dangerous situation, and bringing it to a more successful conclusion.”

Private stones was among the 12 members of the Denaby Brigade who responded to the call for ambulance work in August, 1914, and is for your service in France was rendered without injury.

The military medal was awarded for “carrying in wounded under heavy shellfire and under great physical strain at Gouzecourt, in France, on November 30, 1917.”