Denaby Hospital Sports

July 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 13 July 1931

Denaby Hospital Sports

This year’s “Telegraph and Star’’ Walk competitors were represented at the seventh annual sports of the Fullerton Hospital, held on the cricket field at Denaby on Saturday.

A. Bullock, who won the “Star” Walk, was beaten by H. Guest (Denaby), who finished ninth in the “Star” Walk. The Denaby lad came home yards ahead of G. Shinton (Swinton), with Bullock close behind.

A. Townsley (Conisborough) finished fourth. J. Pickford (Sheffield Harriers) returned the fastest time 21.5 min.. while J. Blackwood (S.U.H.), who had competed at Balfour’s Sports earlier in the afternoon, had the second fastest time.

K. Smith (Wath) and L. Hutchinson (Garden Street) won the boys’ and girls’ championships respectively.

For the first time in seven years. Garden Street were beaten in both relay races.

The events included the following:—

100 Yards Men.—1, W. Lunn, G, Herberts; 3, M. O’Neil.

100 Yards. Boys (Asher Cup).— 1, E.Pigottt 2, C. Hinkles: 5, F. Harrison.

1 Mile, Men.—1, T. Armstrong, 2 G Herbert 3, G. Roberts; 5, S. Hilton, Time 4.4-sniin.

3 Miles Walk. Men.— 1, H. Guest, 2, G. Shenton; 3, Bullock.

Schoolboys’ Championship (Fullerton Hospital Cup).—1. R. Croft; 2. C. Townsend; 3, C. Hinkles,

220 Yards, Boys.—1, H. Charlesworth; 2, A. Vickers; 3, O. Hart.

School Girls’ Championship (Wriglev Cup).—1, L. Hutchinson; 2, J. Groom; 3. J. Holliday.

Girls’ Relay.—1, Edlington Senior

Boys’ Relay.—1, Roman Terrace.

2 Miles, Men.— 1, T. Armstrong; 2, G. Herbert; 3, A. Mitchell.

Boys’ Hurdle.—1, E. Pyott; 2, T. Kelly; 3, G. Hall.

Girls’ Hurdle.—1, J. Holliday; 2, M Day