Denaby Housekeeper’s Rough Time

April 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 08 April 1911

Denaby Housekeeper’s Rough Time

William Whalley, a Denaby miner, who was drunk and disorderly on Sunday week, sent Frances Johnson, his housekeeper to plead for him.

At 2:25 on Sunday morning, PC Shuker heard screams and curses in Barnburgh Street, where he found Whalley, who was man with drink, knocking the housekeeper about.

“Was he really doing that?” asked the chairman, with a doubtful look towards the smiling woman in the dock.

“Yes,” replied the officer, “and what was she doing?” Continued the Chairman. “She was shouting, “Lay it on the other side Bill,”was the officer’s reply. (Laughter.)

“It’s a fact , sir, said the housekeeper to the Bench, “Bill gives me kicks as well as kisses, but I take em all rough and smooth. He told me to say he’s guilty.”