Denaby Incident – Stern Reproof for a ‘Welfare’ Trustee

January 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 20, 1928

Denaby Incident
Stern Reproof for a ‘Welfare’ Trustee

A trustee of the Denaby Welfare Club and a member of the Denaby United Football Club committee, William Marshall, was fined £1 at Doncaster on Tuesday for disorderly conduct.

PC Taylor said that of December 24 he was on duty at the Denaby United football ground, when he heard a disturbance outside the Welfare Club. He went to the club and saw defendant in the midst of a crowd of men. He was under the influence of drink, and was making use of obscene language. He went up to him and spoke to him, but was abused. He cleared the crowd and then went into the football field. He was again abused by defendant in the field.

Supt. Minty: (to Marshall): Did you know the police had no desire to go to your football ground?—-No.

Supt. Minty: It is only because the officials ask them to go, and that, they pay for them that they visit your matches to keep order.

Marshall said he heard the disturbance outside the Welfare Club, and went, there to clear the crowd away. It was true that he was in the middle of the crowd, but he was doing his best to clear them.

The Chairman (Mr G.B.Shiftner): Your conduct was perfectly disgraceful and your language perfectly filthy. You are evidently not fit to be on a committee.