Denaby Lady’s Peril – Caught in the Quicksands

August 1915

Mexborough times, August 21st

Denaby Lady´s Peril
Caught in the Quicksands

Miss Adelaide Thornton, only daughter of the late Mr John G.Thornton, of Doncaster road, Denaby Main, well-known in musical circle, has had a narrow escape from death whilst spending her holidays at Grange over Sands, near Morecambe.

The sands in this part are notoriously treacherous, and several warning in the shape of printed boards marking the dangerous parts are stationed at intervals, but quite unconsciously whilst reading a newspaper, Miss Thornton strolled past them until she felt her feet sink beneath her.

Realising her peril  she immediately endeavoured to extricate herself, but her efforts were of no avail, as the more she struggled the deeper she sank.

To make matters worse, the sands were practically deserted at the time, and had not two gentleman, who were returning from golf, heard her cries for help, all trace ofher would have been lost.

By this time the sands had almost reached herneck,, but she had the presence of mind to keep both her arms on the surface, and the two gentlemen were able,by the help of golf clubs, coats and anything available, to drag her, in a fainting condition, to safety; and a train, which was passing alongthe coast at the time, and the driver of which, seeing the rescuers struggling,had stopped to render assistance, was able to resume his journey.

Miss Thornton is confident that but for the superhuman efforts on the rescuers, nothing could have saved her from a terrible death.

This is not the first time she had been in danger, since only last summer she was in a boating accident on the Norfolk Broads, when as a result of the boat capsizing, all the occupants were thrown into the water, and only succeeded in reachingthe bank with great difficult.