Denaby Level Crossing to Go

January 1922

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 20 January 1922

Denaby Level Crossing to go

The people of Mexborough and Denaby will be pleased to learn that the Great Central Railway Company’s general scheme of improvement involves the abolition of Denby level crossing, an institution which, while fortunately not responsible for, any extraordinary loss of life, involved very extraordinary inconvenience, delay and annoyance.

The proposal of the Company, we understand, is to widen and raise the river bridge on the Mexborough side, and carry the road over the railway as far as the bone mill, where it will be switched at a sharp angle into the main toad on the Denaby side.

The Mexborough Council do not entirely approve of this scheme; although the proposal to erect a bridge of course commands their approbation. But they suggest that the gradient of the proposed road should be reduced by carrying the improvement as far back as the canal bridge and modifying the angle the other side of the railway. In the alternative they suggest an entirely different scheme, which is to cut a direct road from the Miners’ Inn, across the meadows, over the canal, the river and the railway, and so form a straight and continuous road from Denaby to Mexborough.

The difference between the cost of the Railway Company’s scheme and that of the Mexborough Council might be beret jointly by the Mexborough Council, the County and the owner of the land, whose value will be very substantially enhanced. One of the chief advantages to either scheme, to our mind, is the prospect it swords of the extension of the tramway system to Conisbrough, and doubtless in good time further still.