Denaby Main  276 for 7  Pontefract 137 for 8 – Heavy Run Getting and Vital Errors

28 May 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 28 May 1921

Heavy Run Getting and Vital Errors

Denaby Main  276 for 7  Pontefract 137 for 8

There was an excellent attendance on Saturday for Denaby Main’s first fully played home match in the Yorkshire Council.

The weather was brilliant, and the wicked full of runs. The cricket for the most part was bright and attractive.

Pontefract motored over, and the visiting captain, Mr Crofts, after winning the toss, was persuaded by steam, against his better judgement, to take the field and to give the petrol and the vibration a chance to dissipate before batting. Thus Denaby luckily obtain the first use of a splendid wicket, and made the most of their advantage.

Denaby were without their fast bowler, Jack Creasey, was down with influenza, and Hoften was substituted, Captain J B White of Tickhill, taking the place of Hobson.

Luther Robinson and Joe Greig opened for Denaby. Greig edged a ball from Pickup, with the score at 26 into the hands of first slip. Arthur Robinson was in next and mistimed a straight one with the score at 41. Narroway was not long introducing liveliness, before Luther Robinson who was apparently well set mistimed a ball from Pickup and was caught at second slip.

Narroway and Worthington were now together and took a heavy toll upon all the bowling. The Denaby wicket-keeping scored freely all round the wicket and got Branson away for the six into the square. Soon afterwards Narroway played a bad ball from Durant into his wicket. Shoesmith arrived to send up the 100 and he and Worthington set the score along at a tremendous pace, the hitting being really exhilarating. Worthington seemed well set for his 50 when he was given lbw to Crowther as a result of a bad stroke. Widdowson and Tibbles flogged the tired bowling to death and sent the second hundred up.

The Denaby captain waited for Tibbles to get his 50 and then declared at 276 for 7, leaving Pontefract about two hours to bat.

The Pontefract men went out with the intention of staying.

Hoften bowled Crofts, the Pontefract opener, with a beautiful ball before Worthington had Trafford nicely taken and soon after got Blackburn lbw, taking Branson’s wicket in the same way.

Pontefract had five down for 70 with an hour to play, and it looked Denaby’s match all over especially when Burton, who had defended very doggedly, skied a ball in midwicket and was well taken by Widdowson.

Pickles, however steady the batting, and although pickup was beautifully bowled by Robinson, Crossand came in to stay, and the pair gradually destroyed Denaby’s hopes., Worthington was Denaby’s best bowler with three for 29.

For Denaby GL Robinson open was 42, G Worthington contributed 45, and H Shoesmith 34. Widdowson was not out 40 and Tibbles not out 52 at the close of the innings.