Denaby Main – A Miner’s Paradise

February 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 19 February 1892

Denaby Main – A Miner’s Paradise

Denaby Main is going to be a miner’s paradise. A very commodious Wesleyan Methodist Chapel as already been erected there, a more pretentious builder will soon be built for the use of members of the Church of England, and new schools will soon be constructed, sufficiently large and airy to accommodate all the children that are likely to be born in the village for some years to come.

It is not to be expected that the Denaby Main Colliery Company will be content with this. For long nearly 20,000 people will be dependent upon the exertion of the 6,000 miners who will descend daily the pits at Cadeby and Denaby. The health of such a larger number of persons will be the concern of the company, for I am assured that they will not allow either the Mexborough authority on the one hand of the Conisborough people on the other to swallow them up. It is highly probable that the Local Board which must sooner or later spring into existence in Denaby, will bear the name of the colliery.

I am speaking without the book, and if I’m wrong in my ideas, someone is sure to supply the necessary corrective influence.