Denaby Main Allotment Holders’ Show

September 1919

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 08 September 1919

Denaby Main Allotment Holders’ Show

The second annual members’ show of the Denaby Main Allotment Holders’ Association was held in the Large Hall, Denaby Main, on Saturday.

The exhibits were of much finer quality, but hardly as numerous as last year. The potatoes and cabbages were the best shown in the district for a number of years.

The show was opened by Mr. W. H. Chambers, managing director of the Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries, Ltd.

The judge was Mr. Thomas, of Balby. Among the prize-winners were: R. Kirby, J. T. Clayton, E. Hanks, G. L. Robinson, J. Corney. J. Stewart, J. Wilks, E. Wimpenny, W. Crabb, S. White, T. Anthony, T. Booth, W. Evans, T. Bettridge, V. Lote, G. Thompson, E. Wigley, G. Edwards, G. Robson, G. Herberts, Polioe-constable Rushton, F. Swaby, S. E. Pick, S. Dodd,. A. Chadfield, T. Collins, C. A. Myers. J. Smith, and J. Firth.

  1. T. Clayton was the winner of the bronze medal given by the Royal Horticultural Society.

The special prizes for the potato competitions were won by G. Edwards, G. Robson, and J. T. Clayton