Denaby Main C.C.

March 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 24.

A meeting of the Denaby Main Cricket Club was held in the Schoolroom at Denaby, on Tuesday evening when the following officers were elected for the coming season:

Pres, J Warburton, Esq; Capt T.R.Nicholas Esq; sub captain Mr E. Beardsley; treasurer and secretary Mr D Ashton; assistant secretary, Mr J. Hobson; committee, Messrs B Houldsworth, R Gascoigne, M. Hobson, J Roper, H Silvester, A Horsfield, F Hobson, S Hobson, J Hutchinson and E Mountford.

The meeting, over which Mr T.R.Nicholson, presided, was a most enthusiastic one, and there is every reason to believe that the club has been resuscitated under the most hopeful auspices, as the hitherto great obstacle in the want of a suitable field has be removed through the good offices of Mr Warburton, who has obtained for the club the use of one of the fields recently hired by the proprietors of the colliery.

The opening match of the season will take place at Denaby on 15 April, and the closing one on 23 September.

An entertainment in the Denaby schoolroom in aid of the club has been arranged on Monday, 3 April, particulars of which will be duly announced in the usual way. In addition to this, it is proposed to hold a gala in the cricket field, or athletic sports during the summer.

It is well-known that there is considerable, cricketing talent at Denaby, and we hope to hear of some exciting matches during the season.