Denaby Main Co-operative Society

January 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 18, 1895

Denaby Main Co-operative Society

The 45th quarterly report and balance sheet of the Denaby Main Co-operative company has just been issued.

It shows that the Sales for the quarter amounted to £3080 6s 7d and the profits to be disposed of are £750 10s 5d,

This enables a dividend of five shillings in the pound on members purchases, after making the usual allowance’s to reserve fund, educational fund, and depreciation of fixed stock, and non-members dividend, £32 2s 2d being carried forward to next quarter

The members share capital amounts to £3095 9s 5d, the reserve fund to £416 2s 4d and the educational fund to £33 0s 11d

Messrs A Rose and R Wright are the retiring members of the Committee and J.Williams, auditor, are eligible for re-election