Denaby Main Co-Operative Society.

July 1899

Sheffield Independent – Friday 28 July 1899

Denaby Main Co-Operative Society.

The 63rd quarterly report and balance sheet of the Denaby Main Co-operative Society states that the sales for the quarter amount to £4560. 19s. 7d., and the profits to be disposed of are £1197. Is. 6d.

This enables a dividend of 5s. 6d. in the £ on members’ purchases, after paying interest on members’ share capital, the usual allowance to the reserve fund, educational fund, depreciation of fixed stock and non- members’ dividend, £51. Is. 4d. being carried forward to next quarter.

Messrs. W. H. Chambers and J. Soar are the retiring members of the committee, and Mr. E. S. Baylis the retiring auditor.

The number of members now stands at 339.