Denaby Main Colliery Extension.

August 1889

Sheffield Independent – Wednesday 21 August 1889

Denaby Main Colliery Extension.

The work in connection with the sinking of the new colliery shaft at Conisbro’ still progresses, and the proceedings are watched with the liveliest interest, especially by the inhabitants of the Mexbro’ neighbourhood.

The deepening of the shaft is a matter of no small difficulty, for, being so contiguous to the canal, a considerable quantity of water has to be combatted. The pumping operations never cease. It is anticipated that the further the shaft is sunk the greater will be the accumulation of water, and more extensive pipes will be needed for its removal.

Substantial concrete beds have been laid down near the shaft for the missive machinery needed, and labourers are regularly employed in the work of structural requirements.

Meanwhile rapid advance is being made in the erection of cottages for the colliers who will be needed. A hundred and thirty additional houses are now built.