Denaby Main Colliery Managers and Officials (pictures)

April 1965


This photograph shows managers and officials at Denaby Main Colliery around 1914.

It includes the People listed below:
Mr GA Holmes, foreman fitter, began work as a boy of 30 and remained there until he was 70, Mr Buechel (Deputy) and Mr J Sheldon (check weighman) Mr a Jackson (also weighman) Mr S Johnson ( Deputy) Mr Holroyd (Deputy).

Further people were identified in a later issue of the South Yorkshire Times:

Mr Joseph Soar, Mr J.W.Cooke, Mr R Fell, Mr J Bucknall, Mr J Holroyd, Mr WC Collins, Mr R Williamson, Mrs CW Phillips, Mr WH Chambers, Mr H Watson Smith, Mr GH Milnes, Mrs T Jones, Mr Cyrus Scholfield, Mr Dutton, Mr SR Johnson, Mr W Haigh, Mr W Newboundh, Mr J White, Mr B Hadfield, Mr F Adamson, Mr A Dunhill, Mr J Mason, Mr Herbert Williamson, Mr S Spruce, Mr Gregson, Mr Broadbent, Mr S Carroll, Mr Feeney, Mr Peter Parry, Mr G Addy, Mr C Bradshaw, Mr G Alpine, Mr J Prendergast, Mr WH Cook, Mr J Blenkiron, Mr J Eyre, Mr R Sanderson, Mr G Severn, Mr A Rose, Mr W.J.Lawrence, Mr A Jackson, Mr W Brook, Mr Ted Trout, Mrs G Wheeliker, Mr JP Endledow, Mr A H Davies, Mr H Milnes, Mr W Wilson, Mr F Baxter, Mr RH Lapidges and Mr T Holcroft

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