Denaby Main Colliery Officials at Dinner

November 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 25, 1905

Denaby Main Colliery Officials at Dinner

last Saturday night was a time appointed for the dinner of the Cadeby Main officials and friends, and the event proved a great success, and was well patronised.

Upwards of 60 sat down to what was acknowledged to be one of the best dinners provided at the Denaby Main Hotel by Mr Gibbs, the esteemed host.

The menu included boiled cod, parsley sauce, roast beef, roast mutton, onion sauce, stuffed veal and ham, boiled mutton, caper sauce, roast chicken, bread sauce, boiled chicken, cabbage, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, turnips, plum pudding, apple tarts, cheese and celery.

The tables presented a most attractive appearance, the decorations and plants been of a very high order and the sparkle from the electric lights shining upon the silver and cutlery was a scene to suit the most fastidious.

After the class be removed a very entertaining musical programme was gone through which had been arranged by the host.

Mr A Wealy presided, and in a few appropriate remarks, soon had the ball rolling, and never allowed one dull moment after. He propose the health of the King, and Mrj bridges propose the trades of the district and the officials, which was nicely responded to by Mr W Gibbs.

Mr E Croxall gave the Host and Hostess, Mr G Booth responding.

The contributors to the musical programme were Messes Smith, Day, Hoyle, Utley and Callaghan which gave a very good account of themselves.

Mr Day caused much enjoyment, and earned a well-deserved encore. Mr Hoyle being in very good style, also had to respond to a recall.

Master Allen gave a clever and neat exhibition of clog dancing, and is a most promising youngster with his feet, and his nimbleness should making worth watching in the future. Mr Day accompanied in a most credible manner.

The National Anthem brought most enjoyable evening to a clause everybody hoping the event will be an annual one.