Denaby Main Colliery – “Playing Days”

March 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 22, 1895

Denaby Main Colliery

This Colliery was “playing” on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, owing, it is stated, to the scarcity of empty wagons, attributable solely to bad trade.

The whole of the large number of wagons possessed by the Denaby and Cadeby Main Colonies Ltd, being loaded and standing either at the colliery or at the very shipping ports, awaiting orders.

Recently the export trade, upon which this colliery mainly depend for orders, as we practically at a standstill, and as a consequence the supply wagons as we saw inadequate that the pit has been kept going only with the greatest possible difficulty. Indeed in order to do this it was necessary to stack nearly all of the hard steam coal drawn out of the pit.

It will be remembered that similar inconvenience was experienced from the same cause in January, and at that time the pit at a stand two days in one week.

It is gratifying to anticipate that the Baltic Ports will shortly reopen for traffic, and that an improvement in trade will be the result.