Denaby Main Cricket Club – videos – Bowton’s Yard – Annie Laurie

April 1889

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 5, 1889

Denaby Main Cricket Club

The annual concert of the above Club was held in the new school room on Monday evening.

There was a numerous company present, listen with evident appreciation to the excellent selections which were rendered.

The President, Mr W.H. Chambers, occupied the chair.

The programme was opened with a pianoforte duet by Mr Beardsley and Miss E Rawson. The latter a pupil Mr Beardsley, showed marked talent and reflected credit upon her tutor.

The “Fryer of Orders Grey” was well rendered by Mr Barlow.

The next on the programme was Miss Neil, who sang “Fiddle and I” in her usual excellent style, which was highly appreciated by the audience.

Mr Pilling then gave his humours recitation “Bowton’s Yard,” in Lancashire dialect

Mr G May, the well-known Negro comedian of Rotherham, sang “My brother Joe,” amid roars of laughter the company, and an encore was demanded.

After this Mr Fowler followed and gave “Give me a man of honest heart” in good style.

Mr Soar then rendered a violin solo, “Annie Laurie,” with his useful skill and taste.

Mrs Gibson of Conisbrough who was in excellent voice gave “Forsaken,” which was loudly applauded.

The first part of the entertainment was concluded by “Yah yah” given by the Korgue minstrels.” With practice and experience these minstrels will be heard of more frequent in future.

The second part of the programme was then proceeded with, and consisted as follows:

Pianoforte solo by Miss Rawson;

Song,” The Sexton,” by Mr Fowler;

Song “Lover and the bird,” Mrs Gibson;

Violin solo, “Chausum polonaise by Mr Soar;

Song “Twickenham ferry,” by Miss Neil;

“Three Jolly N—gs” Mr G May, Encore, “Dinah Say Yah”

Recitation “Weddin Neet,” Mr Pilling;

Song “Village Blacksmith,” Mr Barlow;

Song “My Old Kentucky Home” by the Korgue Minstrels.

Owing to the length of the programme, several encores had to be refused.

Mr LJ Beardsley accompanied on the piano with much taste

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