Denaby Main Horticultural Society – A Successful First Attempt

September 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 16, 1905

Denaby Main Horticultural Society
A Successful First Attempt

the Denaby Main Garden Allotments Association have this year gone in for an exhibition of the garden project, and the first show held in a field near the Rossington schools, on Monday, was a success in every way, and should prove a great incentive to the promoters for another year. The entries were numerous, varied in character, and excellent in character.

The official responsible for the show were Mr T Chapman, president; Mr H Benton, treasurer; and Mr C Everett, secretary. The judges were Mr TW Mosby and Mr W Bonnett

It is expected that next season the allotment holders at Conisbrough on the Montagu estate, will join the Association which had been established just three years, and has a membership of 40. If this takes place the show will become one of the finest in the district.

Like all other hobbies which are, for the benefit of the workers the Association as the arty approval and cooperation of the general manager of the Colliery Company, Mr WH Chambers who showed his approval of the exhibition both by his presence at the opening and by financial assistance.

In declaring the show opener Mr Chambers said that he was extremely pleased to see the amount of zeal shown by the committee had taken in bringing the show to a successful issue, and trusted that the Association would increase in membership and continue to fulfil its useful mission. There was no doubt that the allotment question was one which would be profitable to all workers consider seriously. The show of vegetables was one that reflected the greatest credit on all concerned.

Miss T.W.Mosby moved a vote of thanks to Mr Chambers for his practical sympathy with the Association, and coupled with the motion the name of Mrs Chambers, who had also shown a great amount of interest in their welfare by securing a quantity of choice cut flowers and the centrepiece of plants for decorative purposes. Mr T Chapman seconded and the motion was passed unanimously.