Denaby Main Hospital Demonstration – Mile Parade

July 1929

Sheffield Independent – Monday 22 July 1929

Mile Parade
Denaby Main Hospital Demonstration.

The annual Fullerton Hospital demonstration at Denaby Main produced a mile long parade of Sunday schoolchildren, nurses. Girl Guides. Boy Scouts, friendly societies, trade organisations tableaux motors, and fire engines from Conisborough, Mexborough. and Wath.

A service was held on the Denaby United football field, and Mr. L. C. Hodges, the general manager the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries, presided.

Mr. F. W. Lindley, M.P. for Rotherham, said that the 1927 report voluntary hospitals showed a credit balance over one million pounds, while 75 per cent, of the hospitals had credit balances. Referring to motor-car accidents, he said that last year there were 26,000 in-patients and 39,000 out-patients as a result of road crashes, and the cost to the voluntary hospitals had been £230,000. Of this sum, £204,000 had been dead loss, only £26,000 being -paid by patients and insurance companies. There was need for legislation indemnify hospitals for the cost of treatment.

Mr. S. E. Johnson, secretary to the hospital, said that workpeople contributed £6,073 of last year’s income of £6,611. The credit balance was £1,108. Included in the expenditure was £1,000 towards repayment of loan from the Colliery Company of £6,000, free of interest. This was the second thousand, and it was hoped to repay another shortly.