Denaby Main – In Search of the Truth

December 1899

Leeds Mercury – Saturday 09 December 1899

Denaby Main – In Search of the Truth

Denaby Main, which, According to a sensationally written article in a “pushful” religious weekly, is “the worst village in England.” Is still being condemned by its foes and praised by its friends.

One correspondent declares that the village is worse than the article referred to makes out, whilst another affirms that it is a sink of iniquity,” without even a redeeming vice.”

On the other hand, there are clergymen, teachers, and other men, who know the place well, prepared to take an affidavit that Denaby Main compares with other mining villages of the same size. and that to describe it as if were one of the Cities of the Plain,In which five righteous persons are scarcely to be found, is a gross libel.

In order to learn the true character of the village and its people, on gentlemen, interested in religious and social work, has taken loans in Denaby Main,And during the next fortnight he means to devote himself to visiting the villages in their homes, becoming acquainted with their daily life.

He promises to give as the result of his investigations in due course; and if he had begun them with a perfectly unprejudiced mind, is enquiries cannot fail to be interesting.

This self appointed seeker after truth will doubtless find that the special article which appeared in our columns a few days ago states with absolute impartiality to facts regarding the physical and moral condition of Denaby Main