Denaby Main Institute.

July 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 9 1897

Denaby Main Institute.

The new billiard room at the Denaby main in situ and is now approaching completion, and its opening is being anticipated with a considerable amount of interest by the members.

The number of members during the summer has been exceptionally good, and the prospect of having a new table, room, and greatly improved premises can only be given as the reason. The necessity of the extension and alterations has long been felt, and the chief topic of discussion in the Institute so long indeed that many were beginning to despair that they would ever come to pass. Thanks, however. To the favourably decision of the directors of the colliery company , who, having seen the plans prepared to the instructions of Mr Chambers, agreed to carry out the proposal, and commenced forthwith.

The announcement by Mr Chambers of the intention of the company was received with great enthusiasm at a general meeting of members, and a unanimous vote of thanks to the directors of the firm was agreed.  The committee have made arrangements for furnishing upon the latest and most improved principle, and when finished it is calculated that the Institute will possess billiard rooms, etc. second to none in the district.

The table selected is from the list of Messrs. Geo Wright and Co. Of London, a noted firm of makers. Whose celebrated low “Excelsior” Billiard cushions are known throughout the world.

The contract for mahogany seating has been given to Mr Walter Taylor, of Mexborough, whose workmanship is well known in Mexborough and district. And the carpet and linoleum for the floor will also be supplied and put down by Mr Taylor. Amongst those who have assisted with their generosity towards furnishing. etc are: –

Messrs the Denaby and kb main colliery company Ltd. Mr F. W. Fison, MP, £3; Mrs Woodyear, Crookhill Hall, £5; the Hon, Mrs Wood, Melton Hall 10s 6d.; Mr J. S. H. Fullerton, Ackworth Lodge, £5; Messrs S. Whitworth, Son, and nephew, Wath. 21s; Rev. Father Kavanagh (Catholic Priest), 21s Mr F. W. Fison has also forwarded a gilt framed picture and Major  Bewick-Copley, Sprotborough Hall, has generously promised some books for the library when he returns home from India this autumn.