Denaby Main Miners – Settlement of Price List.

June 1890

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 20 June 1890

Denaby Main Miners.

Settlement of Price List.

A largely attended meeting of the above-named miners was held last night. It was decided to assist the Mitchell’s Main until the dispute there is satisfactorily settled.

The deputation which, together with Mr. B. Pickard, M.P., waited upon Mr. Buckingham Pope, managing director of Main, on Wednesday, gave their report, which was discussed seriatim. On the whole it is considered satisfactory, and now that a price-list has been mutually agreed upon it is hoped that the grievances which the men have complained ever since the great strike in 1885 will become things of the past, and that friendly relations will exist in the future between employer and employed of this important South Yorkshire Colliery.