Denaby Main Reading Room

April 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 9, 1886

Denaby Main Reading Room

The above institution having been re-established a general meeting of the members was held on Wednesday night for the purpose of electing officers et cetera.

Mrs Chambers, the manager of the colliery, occupied the chair, and stated that a deputation waited on doctors Swithinbank, who said both himself and the Rev G.G.Fullerton were willing to do all they possibly could for them.

The chairman also intimated that the colliery company would provide a house for the meetings.

The following are the officers: Patron, the Rev C.G.Fullerton; Pres Dr Swithinbank; vice president, Mr W.H.Chambers and the reverent T Horsfall; secretary, Mr J Roper, treasurer, Mr J Rose and a committee of 13 workmen. It is intended to open the room to the residents of Denaby at an early date.