Denaby Main School Reconstruction

August 1936

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 21, 1936

Denaby Main School Reconstruction

The reconstruction of the interiors of the Denaby Main Council School has been going on apace during the summer vacation in readiness for the changeover to the junior mixed school, under the reorganisation scheme.

To many have known the school for years (and attended the many social activities that are being held there) it will present quite a transformation scene when completed. The interior walls of the classroom which surround the hall have been partly removed to be replaced by wood and glass partitions, thus giving more daylight to the hall. The ventilation of the rooms is receiving attention as well as the floors are more up-to-date cloakroom and lavatory accommodation. The platform which had been well used in the past for concerts, dramatic and operatic performances, is, it is understood to disappear to make way for additional classrooms.

With the passing of this part of the school one cannot help thinking back to the popular and famous orchestral concerts organise on that stage, years ago, in the time of those musical enthusiast, the late Mr WH Chambers and the late Mr Moses Soar. In those days the Denaby School accommodated some of the leading artists of the day and the village was known for miles around for its celebrity concerts. It was also in great demand when the village possessed its dramatic operatic and choral societies, and has earned many pounds for charitable causes.