Denaby Main Swimming Bath

August 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 08 August 1930

Denaby Main Swimming Bath

The Council’s action in taking over the swimming bath at Denaby Main has been fully justified.

The attendances have been larger than ever and many persons have been added to the list of swimmers. I am informed that during the first three months of the Council’s management nearly £250 was taken.

Mixed bathing has proved popular and the Council would do well to provide more facilities next season. During the unsettled weather the attendances dropped slightly but this beat wave is causing a return to normal conditions.

Last week one of the boilers burst, fortunately without any personal injury. Such a contingency was not entirely unexpected for when taken over the boilers were the worst part of the equipment and were scheduled for renewal. There is no need for bathers to stay away for the temperature can be adequately maintained with the present apparatus. New fans have been fitted and automatic butterfly valves installed.

Another detail which has made a different is the asphalting of the path to the entrance. Previously bathers tramped across a cinder path and carried much dust into the bath hall and into the water. I looked at the water this week when it was about to be drained off and it was almost as clear as when run in. A number of cabins have been erected and if improvements continue our baths will be second to none.