Denaby Main Topmen and Their Wages.

June 1889

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Saturday 29 June 1889

Denaby Main Topmen and Their Wages.

Yesterday morning the deputation appointed by the topmen working at Denaby Main Colliery had an interview with the manager, Mr. W. H. Chambers, and laid before him the men’s views and reasons for their dissatisfaction.

It was pointed out that, although the topmen had accepted a reduction together with the miners, during bad times they had not, with the underground men, received any advance when trade improved, and on two occasions a 10% increase was granted. It might that in several instances the aggregate wages of topmen were favourable, when compared with what other workmen had, but in those cases much more than the usual eight hours per day were worked, many topmen putting in nine and 10 days per week for what they drew at the week end.

The result of the deputation’s visit did not transpire yesterday but it will be disclosed at a meeting that has been summoned for to-night.

Several of the more prominent of the men who have agitated in the matter have received notice at the colliery, including the chairmen of the last meeting.