Denaby Mans Affairs – Petition with Official Receiver

April 1915

Denaby Mans Affairs.

Formerly at Mexborough

Harry Hobson, late of 18, Stafford Terrace, Denaby Main, general dealer, now a miner, residing in lodgings at 129 Doncaster Road Denaby Main, has filed his petition with the official receiver.

The summary of debt to the statement of affairs shows a deficiency of £81 1s. 3d.., The whole of which is expected to rank for dividend.

The causes of failure, as alleged by the debtor are ill health during the whole of 1913, bad trade during 1914, particularly after the commencement of the war, and increased cost of goods.

The official receiver, in his observations, says the debtor, who is 39 years of age, commenced business as a confectioner in 1907 at one and three, Bank Street, Mexborough, without any capital. He continued this business for 18 months, and then went into general dealings. During the first three years of his trading he worked in the pit as a collier, while his wife attended to their business.

He states that the general dealer and has consisted mainly of supplying small shops at wholesale rates, and that he has attended to this part of the business personality, taking orders out by dray. The business has never paid, and during the first three years he had to resort to moneylenders. No books of account had been kept. The debtor states that he first became aware of his insolvent condition 12 months ago when creditors commenced to press him.

During the last 12 months, the debtor states, he sold all his household furniture in order to raise money to pay debts and live. About a month ago he sold what stock remained for 22/6 (£1.13)

The whole of the liabilities were secured and were all in respect of ordinary trade debts.