Denaby Man’s Troubles – Charges Wife with Stealing Blanket & Shirt

March 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times. March 4th, 1905.

A Denaby Man’s Troubles.

Elizabeth Lee, married woman, residing at 53, Balby Street, Denaby, was charged with stealing a blanket and shirt, the property of her husband, Mark Lee.

Mark Lee, pony driven, residing now at Conisboro’, stated that on Jan. 21st his wife left him, but returned in Feb. On Feb. 21st, at 9-30 a.m., the blanket was on the bed, and his wife downstairs. He went to work at 1-15 p.m. leaving his wife at home.

At 10-45 p.m. He returned, and found his wife out, and a note from her, saying she could not live with him, and that she would be found at the bottom of the river with her child. He found the blanket and shirt missing. He had, however, since found the shirt. From information received, he found his wife had pawned the blanket, and next day he took out a warrant.

George Longstall (assistant to J. Whitaker and Co., Ltd., Denaby) said that on the 21st inst. A woman came to the shop and presented a blanket, on which she asked a loan of 3s. He gave her 2/6. The name given was Elizabeth Lee, 53, Balby Street. Defendant was not the person who brought it. It was a woman named Selina Hill. He handed the blanket that morning to P.c. Whale

P.c. Whales said he apprehended prisoner at Clay Cross on Friday at 5-35 p.m. When charged, prisoner said ‘ I did not steal the shirt; I did not steal the blanket, but sent it to the pawnshop.’

Prisoner pleaded not guilty. She had taken the blanket off the bed, and sent Selina. Hill to pawn it for her.

The husband at this stage, said he did not wish to press the charge f prisoner would come back and look after the child.

Prisoner promised this, and she was bound over in the sum of £5 to come up for judgement when called on.