Denaby Memorial Park

September 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 9 September 1932

Denaby Memorial Park

Our Memorial Park, which has been a riot of colour and a place of beauty throughout the summer months, is still having the consideration of the Urban Council.

It has been arranged for the park to be brilliantly illuminated by artificial lighting during the coming months—a decision that will have the support of the majority of Denaby residents.

Eight holophane lamps, each 500 watts, are to be used for the special lighting, which commences on Sunday. The lamps are designed to give a very wide and intense beam, and in their light the flowers and beds take on a vastly different aspect.

The Memorial Park, besides being the envy of the district, has done much to brighten Denaby. Now we are “Brighter Denaby,” an end to which the Council have apparently been striving, and which they are bringing to success.