Denaby Miners accept 10% Pay Reduction


July 18th Sheffield Independent

Denaby Miners accept 10% Pay Reduction

To the surprise of a great number of miners in the Rotherham district, it may be made known that the employees of the Denaby main colliery (which is a property of Pope, Pearson and co.) have resolved to go in, and are now working on a reduction of 10% upon the gross earnings.

Rumours were current, only a few days ago that a strike of great enormity would take place in the Denaby vicinity. These rumours were no doubt founded, though apparently without ground, on the fact that if the employees here, who number from 700 to 800, were to “stand out.” against the decision come to by the employees at their meeting at Doncaster, last Saturday, their measure would have a very influential, if not a serious, effect upon other collieries.

Fortunately a happier conclusion has been arrived at, and it is a fact that the men have resolved to resume work on the reduction of 10%. As before, stated, this arrangement is to continue for a period of three months. In the course of this period it will be seen which way the tide goes with regard to the prices the coal owners maintain for their coal.

We are given to understand, upon good authority, that the proprietors of this colliery have severed themselves from the Masters Association.