Denaby Miners’ Presentation.

November 1888

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 24 November 1888

Denaby Miners’ Presentation.

On Thursday evening a crowded meeting of Denaby Main miners was held in the lodge-room, Doncaster road, Mexborough, for the purpose of presenting Dr. Sykes a testimonial.

Mr. F. Crofts presided, and stated that the miners at Denaby, who were amongst Dr. Sykes’ best friends, had decided to present him with an illuminated address on hearing of his marriage.

Mr. J. Dixon, secretary to branch, spoke of the knowledge they had all gained of Dr. Sykes during his years’ residence amongst them. His kindness to the poor and his willingness to lend assistance to anyone in want of helping hand were proverbial (Hear, hear.) On behalf of the miners of Denaby he had great pleasure in handing to Dr. Sykes the illuminated address, as follows:

“To W. Sykes, Esq., M.R.C.S.E.

Dear sir,

We, the miners at Denaby Main Colliery, desire, on the occasion of your marriage, to convoy to you our sincere and warm congratulations and to assure you of our good wishes for your future happiness and prosperity.

We recognise with pleasure and thankfulness your acts of Christian kindness and sympathy with who have been in circumstances need and suffering, and also your gentlemanly and urbane conduct towards all classes with whom you have been associated during the eleven years you have been our medical attendant.

We could not allow the opportunity afforded by auspicious event to pass without presenting you with this illuminated address, as a small token of our unabated esteem for you personally, and as an expression of our wish that you and your beloved wife may have many years of unbroken felicity, health, and prosperity.

On behalf the above, we are, yours truly, the Committee. ”

Dr. Sykes thanked the company in a few well-chosen words, and referred in terms of gratefulness the fact that after eleven years residence amongst them he enjoyed the respect and confidence of the miners and other workmen in the locality. (Cheers.)

Mr. Dixon then presented Dr. Sykes with pair of water jugs, on behalf Mrs. Hobson.