Denaby Miner’s Row – Tale of a Broken Jug

August 1912

Mexborough and Swinton Times – Saturday August 3, 1912.

A Denaby Miner’s Row

A Tale of a Broken Jug

A tall wiry Denaby miner named Joseph Ball appeared in custody upon a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm upon another fellow lodger miner named Ezekial Brown, on Saturday night. This

Superintendent Hickes explained that the prisoner and his wife lodged with the prosecutor at 92, Annerley Street, and on Saturday night, the prisoner commenced to quarrel with his wife and the prosecutor remonstrated with him and ordered him off to bed. The prisoner thereupon it was alleged picked up a quart jug and struck Brown a very violent blow over the left side of his head, inflicting serious injuries. He bled very profusely and the police were called in, managed to stop the bleeding.

Medical aid was summoned and the wound was stitched up. Brown was not in a fit condition to attend court that day and he (Mr S Hethers) appealed for a remand.

PC Rushton said when he called to the scene of the affair he found the prisoner stood up near the door and the injured man holding him by the body. Brown’s left ear was cut in two, there was deep incised wound on the front of the ear, one at the back, and one across the temple, all of which were bleeding freely.

He told them to separate, but the injured man appeared to be delirious, and he had difficulty in getting them apart. After 10 minutes he managed to stop the bleeding, but sent for assistance and Doctor Ryan. Brown told witness later the prisoner had hit him with a joke. There was a broken jug lying on the floor. Witness charged the prisoner with wounding Brown, and he replied “I have nothing to say.” He was drunk when he first saw him, but he sobered up. They had all been drinking. He had seen the injured man that morning and he was not in a fit condition to attend court.

The prisoner, who had nothing to say, was remanded in custody.